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VIP Earns SB40 Grant and Continues Legacy of the Bill's Founding

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

The December 2021 grant award is specific to Regency House of Cape Girardeau, Regency House of Jackson, and Regency Terrace of Cape Girardeau. All locations are in Missouri and foundational expansions of VIP Industries.

In December 2021 The Cape County Board for Developmentally Disabled awarded grants for Regency House of Cape, Regency House of Jackson, and Regency Terrace of Cape. These board grants co-funded, along with Regency Management, improvements that were needed to continue meeting the needs of our consumers throughout their lifespan. There have been two walk-in tub installations placed in the Cape Girardeau and Jackson apartment buildings. Another walk-in tub was installed at Regency Terrace in Cape Girardeau. Along with these bathroom modifications, curved stairwell chair lifts will be installed at the Cape Girardeau and Jackson apartment buildings. They will allow full and easier access to both floors of the buildings for residents that have mobility impairments, developmental disabilities, and are aging. Regency Management is very appreciative of this award and looks forward to continually serving developmentally disabled adults in our community.

CEO, Susan Wallis, Honored the Award

“SB40 is a critical part of our legacy and founding. We are advocates for the work that the SB40 funds have supported in our legacy of work since 1967. We can serve our community well and that is our focus.”

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