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Introducing VIP Industries and Partners

Through residential and supported living arrangements, employment, vocational training, recreation, transitioning services, advocacy and intervention, VIP Industries and its affiliate programs have improved the lives of countless individuals and their families, and enhanced the community's understanding about individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities. 

Founded in 1967,
VIP Industries provides services for individuals with a broad spectrum of intellectual and development disabilities. 

We make life better.


Introducing our law firm

Our Partners
Providing a continuum of lifetime care for our participants. Committed to enhancing independence, increasing choices, and expanding community participation. 

Regency Management

Offering both Independent Supported Living and Group Home options

  • Individualized Supported Living 

  • Independent Apartments

  • Case Management and Consulting 

  • Community Integration Skills

  • Respite Care

  • Adult Day Programs

  • Day Habilitation

  • Residential Habilitation

  • Financial Management

  • Supported Employment

  • 20 Unit Apartment - Cape Girardeau 

  • 15 Unit Apartment - Jackson 

  • 15 Unit Apartment - Marble Hill

  • Group Home - Cape Girardeau

Missouri Association for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities

The mission of the Missouri Association for persons with Intellectual Disabilities is to secure for all people with developmental disabilities the opportunity to choose and realize their goals of where and how they learn, live, and work. 


  • Recreation 

  • Social Services

  • Emergency Food and Shelter

  • Advocacy

  • Entitlement Programs

  • Food Programs

  • Health Screenings 

  • Vacation and Leisure Experiences

  • Consulting 

Heartland Industries

Heartland Industries provides workforce development experiences for VIP's consumers. A VIP labor force provides the services of warehousing, distribution, and shredding to companies region-wide. Heartland also provides maintenance to highway rest areas in the state of Missouri. These opportunities not only provide consistency to our consumers, but meaningful and work in a collective environment of camaraderie and support. 

At VIP Industries we recognize that every person has value and deserves meaningful employement.

Susan Wallis, CEO 


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VIP Industries

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